Spaces - Parallelization for more fun and less traffic

The more successfull Zwift will get (@Zwift: I wish you all the best…), the more crowdy it will get, even if additional worlds will be added.

So here‘s an idea that might not only mitigate the overcrowding issue but could add a higher level of personalization to Zwift riding. Let’s call it World Spaces for now:

  • Idea: A world (like Watopia) is splitted into multiple parallel virtual spaces (instances of the map). In addition, spaces cloud also be limited to a certain course or subset of roads to give a more focussed riding experience.
  • Users can choose which space the like to enter, like the courses and/or trainings today. There should be a default space too, to not add too muchcomplexity and confuse beginners. Spaces should in general be open to everyone, but exceptions might be meaningful, e.g. for a more realistic races experience.

Spaces could be separated by various criterias. Some ideas:

  • Beginners-Space, Intermediate-Space, Racers-Space.
  • Hillclimbers-Space, Flat-Runners-Space
  • Spaces for races and group rides: You will only see and compete with other riders on the race, like in a real race.
  • Sponsored Spaces: by bike- or accessory-makers or by any other company that Zwift wants to cooperate with. Something special should happen is such spaces to attract riders.
  • Themed spaces: Woman‘s-Space (some woman prefer this), FlowerPower-Space (floral painted bikes, long hair, unshaved calfs, flittering clothes), Rainy-Space (for UK cyclists only) …just kidding.
  • CyclingClub spaces or country specific spaces.
  • Or what else might make sense…

Just an idea…

They have some of this functionality built in now. For example a race organizer can have it so that only the people in the race are the only ones visible on course. But I agree, something needs to be done because as times the roads are overcrowded, Richmond being the worst.

If you are antisocial :slight_smile: you can use the Zwift Hack and start in the other location than the official day location. You would ride alone or with the small group. It happened to me once by accident and I was in Richmond with only one TT guy. Creepy feeling…