We need alot more worlds

There seems to be an awful lot of effort being put into Zwift racing for the pro’s (who i bet do not pay for it) for exposure on Eurosport etc…My issue is there is so few worlds and the amount of people on there now make it feel like your just riding on a conveyor belt of riders…how much longer is it going to be before we get several more new worlds?..because at this rate it will be just riding in a sea of avatars

We know they had planned on a new world and figured it was related to the Olympics, but that was most likely scratched and will be released next year now (assuming the Olympics happens next year). So back to the drawing board. Hopefully we get a new world this summer.

In the meantime you can now ride alone in any world through the meetup function. Or another good option, flip a u-turn and ride the chosen route in reverse. You’d be surprised how few people ride the opposite direction on most roads.



They seem to be more interested into turning it into mario kart than releasing more worlds…this platform has been going for years and is not opening up worlds anywhere near fast enough

Pick a route in the mean time with some climbing and you will find far less people riding than on the flats.


Riding Zwift this week it seems there are already far fewer people than there were just a couple of weeks ago.I suspect those numbers will continue to decline for a while. New worlds/roads are always nice (and, to me anyway, far more important than Boost Mode), but I’m just happy to have the Zwift platform available every day and hope the primary focus is just keeping everything up and running.

The Meetup enhancements are a great improvement, too!


Does it really have to be all or none? Maybe Zwift could add a density slider to settings, and you could choose how packed you want the roads to feel. Or maybe a choice of only seeing people you follow, or people who follow you? Or, perhaps just people who are doing the same route? It seems that there are many possibilities for cutting down the overcrowding without adding new worlds.

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Different teams work on different part of the game. While the graphic designers build the worlds the programmers work on the game and the Event schedulers set up events and the promotional team work to get pro’s on the platform.

One person will say why do we need racing we need more roads, another will say we have enough roads get racing fixed, while others will say why don’t we see more rides with pro’s.


You can invite 99 followers to join you so you won’t be alone.

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For racing and the whole platform to be fair…When you look at a rider you can see everything apart from their declared weight…which in Zwift really matters!!!..or is that an infringement on stupid human rights laws​:joy::joy::joy:

Very easy to calculate since you can see power and w/kg.

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Unless they are putting a constant amount of watts out with no variance you cannot calculate it

You can actually get a very close estimate.

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You can get a good idea, but that won’t help because you can’t see the person in any way.

But we are digressing from the topic title. From we need more world to better race accuracy.

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Lol…tbh all i care about is more worlds