Sound problems on Android 11 (Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 / SM-T860)

Hello, maybe someone here has some advice.
Unfortunately, no useful information came from Zwift support.
I’m having sound issues in the Android version of Zwift on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (SM-T860).
The sound is very bad, distorted (e.g. when you get a ride on) and sometimes way too slow!
I’m using Android 11 with the May update.
I would be very happy if someone had a solution to this problem.


I’m having the same problem with my Samsung Tab A7 2020.

I did see a post on the forum saying this is a known bug but appears not to have been fixed yet.

Hi Chris,
thanks for your answer.
It’s comforting that I’m not the only one with a problem.

I still have this problem on my Tab S6. Anyone found a solution?

Please take a look at this discussion.
Here are some helpful tips! But it appears to be a Samsung bug.

I use a Bluetooth speaker and that resolved the problem. Device audio still sucks.