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Hola a todos, les escribo para comentarles de mi problema con Zwift y mi Tablet Samsung S7. Al momento de cargar la aplicación funciona sin problemas, pero una vez en la plataforma el sonido comienza a fallar y la única opción que tengo para eliminar ese sonido “malo” es tocando la pantalla nuevamente o pulsando algún botón del teclado físico. Pienso que es solo problema de la aplicación Zwift, ya que en otros procesos no tengo el problema. Testeado en Youtube, Spotify y web. En mi tablet antigua no tenia ese problema (Galaxy Tab S6).


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Hello everyone, I am writing to tell you about my problem with Zwift and my Samsung S7 Tablet. When the application is loaded it works without problems, but once on the platform the sound begins to fail and the only option I have to eliminate that “bad” sound is by touching the screen again or pressing a button on the physical keyboard. I think that it is only a problem of the Zwift application, since in other processes I do not have the problem. Tested on Youtube, Spotify and web. In my old tablet I did not have that problem (Galaxy Tab S6).


I use a S7 Plus and I do not have this issue. Did you get it fixed by Support Team yet?

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I’m already in contact with support.


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Since the May update I’ve had sound problems on two Android devices (Galaxy Tab A7 2020 & Moto G 5G plus) where the application runs fine but the sound is distorted.

I contacted support but they replied saying the don’t support these devices.

Sound bug is a confirmed issue with current Zwift Version for Android