Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 problem


I recently installed Zwift on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020). Download and installation went smooth. After I open the app, it says ‘verifying download’, ‘unzipping files’, it loads and then closes. Nothing happens. I reinstalled the app twice but didn’t work. Also removed some junk files through a cleaner app.

Anyone else have this problem?

Zwift works fine on my phone (Samsung Galaxy A41) and computer. But would love to have it to work on my tablet, so I can connect more easy to my tv screen.


I guess I found the problem. I was not the main user (admin) on the tablet. Now I’ve installd the app on the admin account and it works smooth. Except for the sound distortion, but that’s nothing new…

You are not alone with the sound problems, I’ve got it on my Tab A7. I’ve seen reports on here of other people having sound distortion on other Samsung tablets.