Sole SB900 with qdomyos-zwift

I recently got a Sole Fitness SB900 spin bike and it works fine with Zwift on a basic level. I have searched the forums and I am aware that spin bikes are not ideal for using with Zwift but I’m not a cyclist so I’m really looking for a way to make it fun without having to do Peloton style workouts.
I’ve mostly just done solo rides.

I found out about qdomyos-swift through search here. It’s not listed as compatible with the Sole SB900 and I can’t find any contact details for the developer to ask. It uses a universal monitor that connects via Bluetooth so I assume it would work but since the app is paid for I’d like to double check.

I’m wondering from anyone that’s used it what advantages the app has for using with zwift? Does it make it more accurate when used with a spin bike?
I tried the Echo app to connect heart rate but it doesn’t allow any other apps to run on your phone at the same time which wasn’t very useful.

Thanks for your help.

@Roberto_Viola is the developer and he’s a great guy who will do all he can to help. He’ll be along soon.

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@Jen_MDX simply contact me by email to roberto.viola83 at

Let me know

Thanks Roberto, I have emailed you.