Sole sb900?

Has anyone used one of the sole spin bikes with Zwift? There’s an ad suggesting that the new sole sb900 works with Zwift but wondering if anyone has experience with it? Thanks!

Looks like a plain ole spin bike to me:

I do not see any mention of signal broadcasting to connect to an outside app.

Now if you put power pedals on it…no problem. But, IMO, it is a poor substitute of the “real” thing. Especially when Zwift is clearing out hardware and REI currently has 20% off. Used trainers regularly come up on Craigslist for good prices. I have sold two at good deals.

The spec sheet I found says it supports Bluetooth FTMS but I’m dubious. Find one in a store, bring a smartphone or iPad with Zwift installed and attempt to connect to the bike. Further, there may be different versions of that bike with older ones being blown out at a discount, minus the connectivity.

Regardless, if you’re serious about indoor cycling though and not “spinning,” consider a smart trainer like a Kickr Core and “any road bike that fits you.” I’m seeing the SB900 priced around $2000. A bike+trainer can be had for that or less.