Sole SB900 Configuration

I just put a Sole SB900 in our home gym. Very nice spin bike that easily connects to Zwift. However, Zwift does not match the distance data and it’s not close. It’s between 20-30% off. Being that it is a spin bike that does not include any interactive resistance settings or programs, I would think they would match better.

I am a fairly experienced biker. Hills or no hills in Zwift, the Zwift distance calculation is off based on my real word experience including monitoring my zone 2 heart rate.

Could I be missing a calibration setting? Is there a way to tell Zwift to calculate the distance being sent from the bike?

Just tying to figure this out so my workouts (indoor/outdoor) match more closely.

This is par for the course with spin bikes like the one you own. They don’t have proper power-meters built in and don’t strictly adhere to Bluetooth or ANT+ fitness sensor protocols so data sent to software like Zwift is going to be a hot mess.

You could look at the QZ - qdomyos-zwift app which is supposed to act as a bridge and offer some type of “translation” service. Failing that, you’re either adding a power-meter pedal or switching to a bike on a smart trainer.

Thanks for the info. That’s what I was afraid of. I like the spin bike and for my indoor workouts it works well for me. I was hoping to enhance the experience with Zwift.

It has a power meter built in, but as you say the data connection and calculation seems to be a hot mess.

Zwift needs to add a flat course that works better for spin bikes. :rofl::rofl:. Until you hit the first hill, the data is pretty close between the bike and Zwift.

Alternate take: spin bike manufacturers need a product that works better for cycling simulation. There’s nothing preventing them from designing that product.


Adding a power meter like Asioma pedals or a power meter crank is a good option for a spinning bike.

You can get a good spinning bike used for around $100.

With a bit of effort you can get a stages pm ($250) and crank. So $400 will get you a accurate spinning bike.

But for $500 you can get a direct drive smart trainer and then a bike for $200.

Or for $200 a good used wheel on smart trainer.

I think the smart trainer is a better option. Although my wife really likes the spinning bike with pm.

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With the cheap spinning bikes, buyers should avoid the ones that take 1/2" thread pedals if they mean to put power meter pedals or cranks on them.

The SB900 retails for $900 “on sale” which is more than enough for a decent direct drive trainer (or the upcoming Zwift Hub trainer) and a used road bike that will give a great experience on Zwift. I wouldn’t look at wheel-on smart trainers unless the budget is more like what Gerrie said.

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