SOLE SB900 Set-up with iPhone

I bought the SOLE SB900 direct from SOLE, and I am on the phone right now with SOLE support as I have been for many days. Zwift, on the screen that allows me to select PAIRED DEVICES, shows CADENCE, which has a tiny readout for RPM which changes when I cycle, so there is some connectivity between bike and iPhone. But after selecting CADENCE and attempting to do anything else, Zwift shows a bunch of zeroes for my workout no matter how hard I pedal. And the Sole, Sole+ app, and Health will not connect either.

Can I connect the SOLE SB900 to share data with my iPhone via any means or app? If not, I call false advertising against these many claims.

You could try pairing via the QZ app and see if that helps.

As far as I know, Zwift doesn’t make any claims about the compatibility of the SB900 but you could take it up with the manufacturer. There are a lot of crappy spin bikes out there that don’t work well with Zwift despite what they say. Make sure it’s not paired to any other app.