Software closes after splash screen

(Thomas Purcell) #1

hi all, my problem is when I start the software and login I see two splash screens telling me about the mobile app then they minimize and nothing.

any ideas?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Thomas,

Please submit a support ticket and include your log.txt and computerspecs.txt file if possible (you can find them in Documents > Zwift > Logs).


(Thomas Coles) #3

Getting the same problem here.  After initially installing and running, everything seemed fine, connected to Kickr and briefly tested.

After switching the settings to full screen however, restarting opens on the splash screen, and after about 10 seconds, the app shuts down to the system tray (Zwift icon still shows).

The log file only shows an attempt to load global.wad and nothing else.



EDIT:  Found the “FULLSCREEN” flag in prefs.xml in the user documents folder for Zwift.  Setting it back to 0 lets me back into the app.  Looks like an issue with fullscreen mode on my machine for whatever reason.



(Thomas Purcell) #4

I submitted a support ticket and was just told the laptop doesn’t meet the recommended specifications, and that was that but I’m actually in the IT business and I don’t think the problem was with the laptop. So I think I’ll give Zwift a miss for now. 


(Scott Thomas) #5

Have been seeing the same thing, also came to the conclusion some issue initialising the graphics.  Currently have an active ticket but no resolution yet.  Interestingly Zwift works on my HTPC but not my desktop or laptop (all 3 have different graphics chips and displays) so at least I’m not completely locked out.

(Terry Fan) #6

Same issue, just opened a support ticket. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #7

@Tomhas Purcell - You have an Intel Mobility 4 Graphics chip. Our minimum requirement is an Intel HD 4000. The Intel Mobility 4 Express Chipset was introduced in 2009 and is too underpowered to properly run Zwift. I’m glad to know it worked though - most people just have it fail immediately.

@Scott and Terry - Make sure your graphics chip is up-to-spec and that the drivers are all up-to-date. This solves the majority of problems but odd ones still show up from time-to-time.


(Terry Fan) #8

Just checked and the drivers are up to date. Still no luck

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #9

Hi Terry,

You’ll need to include both your log.txt file and your computerspecs.txt file with your ticket so we have enough information. But I’m sure the person responding to the ticket will also ask for the same things.

(Terry Fan) #10

Any luck on this?