so many clicks to start ride opening zwift on imac

when i first launch the zwift app on my imac, why does it take 7 clicks just to get to the sensor/device page?  Why you have to page through several different splash screens? is there a shortcut I dont know about in starting zwift? 

On a PC the pairing screen comes up automatically after starting Zwift. You can quickly get back to it at any time by press the “A” key.

On both of my Mac laptops it takes two clicks, including the click to launch the Zwift app, to get to the sensor/device screen.

Are you clicking on the splash screens (big Z on blue background with short messages)? Those go away on their own as the program starts up.


this welcome screen. i have to click ride and it pages through several splash screens until i can add my devices than start my workout. not very efficient. i have to click 10 times just begin ride 

Just click Ride and then it will go through the splash pages on its own, no need to click on them. After the splash screens you will see the pairing screen.

ah thanks. takes a little while but it sure does redirect to devices screen.