Smart trainer footprint/dimensions - Tacx Neo / Wahoo Kickr / Wattbike Atom

Hi all, I have only previously used a bike on a turbo trainer with Zwift, but got rid of my bike a couple of years ago. Am now looking at going down the route of getting either a Tacx Neo bike, a Wahoo Kickr bike, or Wattbike Atom.

I have limited space so am trying to figure out the dimensions which is harder than I had hoped to figure it out.

The Tacx Neo bike is stated to be 139cm long. But the manual says both 150cm and 125cm. If anyone has one please could you confirm the full length of the bike with the fans etc, and the length to the end of the handlebars.

The Wahoo Kickr bike is apparently 121cm long. This seems short, can anyone confirm?

The Wattbike Atom I have found to be quoted as both 100cm long, and with a 144cm footprint? Can anyone confirm the full length from front to back?

Thank you in advance and hopefully see you all back on the road soon!


From my measurements I make it 126cm from nose to back of wheels and 77cm wide.

Not sure if the new Kickr Shift bike has a smaller footprint?

The Atom has the smallest footprint I believe, I have 2 friends with them and both struggle to match outdoor power on them, having had a go myself, the Atom is like riding a brick wall, it has zero movement which for me a didn’t like.


You’re a star, thank you!

Hard to tell from photo perspective but do the brake levers extend past the base front?

no, I double checked by running the tape down.
How I have them they are about 5cm back from the foot.

This part is extendible so I think it would be possible for them to extend past the foot depending on personal set up.