Wahoo Kickr - Measurement

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Hi all,

I’m considering buyng a Wahoo Kickr 2018 but struggling for space so every cm counts! This is where I need your help, please can I ask anybody who already has a Wahoo Kickr to have a quick measure and confirm the distance between the Middle of the quick release skewer and the back of the unit?

I’ve attached an image with a red line on it, the red line represents the bit I need the measurement of.

Appreciate your help!

Thank you!


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Here you are … my Kickr 2018 - according my humble measurement it’s 31,6cm (± 1mm which I hope doesn’t matter :sunglasses: )

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Thanks so much for taking the time to measure and post the photos @Godmother_Fox

Looking at the measurement above it’ll save me approx. 4 cm compared to having the rear wheel mounted… unfortunately I was hoping for a 10cm saving. Might need to look at the Kickr climb as well to get it all to fit (eek). :slight_smile:

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The Core might be a bit more compact. I can measure mine if you want. I also have the Climb, so I can tell you the space that saves as well.

Edit: Just checked for kicks. About 29.2 cm from skewer to back leg of the Core and about 20 cm from skewer to front of the Climb.

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Andy - you are welcome. No problem at all. I have a Kickr Climb also … and just did some (rough) measurement … from my humble point of view it should save you another 10-11cm.

See photos. Hope it helps … let me know if you need anything else …

Edit/additional comment - the wheel is put on Climb’s axle and Climb is at flat/0 degree position

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(Luc Theriault) #7

If you’re somewhat handy, you could always build yourself a static skewer holder that replicates the position of your fork when the wheel is on. Some wood, a saw and a drill would be all that’s needed. You’d get the space savings of the Climb without the cost.

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@Godmother_Fox @Raiontzukai Thank you, far too helpful.

I’ll review all this later on or over the weekend, appreciate your efforts.