Smart trainer doesn't respond to gradient

My smart tranier can’t respond to gradient after the zwift is updated. Does anyone know how to fix it.Thank`

Did you pair as power and controllable?

I don’t have the power meter, but only connect to the trainer (xplova noza s) for watt output. After zwift is updated , the trainer can’t respond to the gradient, and also the watt can’t sustain at target watt while using ERG mode.

I also encountered the same issue. I’m using Xplova NOZA-N1 (non S) a former version of S.
My case is the trainer works flawlessly with Zwift for Mac (either ZC apps on Android or BLE connection via Macbook) but it won’t work with Zwift for Windows (even if I use ZC apps to connection)
It really strange behavior, but worth to try if you have a Mac.