slow to launch

I’m running Zwift on a fast Win 7 machine (Dell Precision M4800 laptop workstation)   Sometimes Zwift will launch in 30 seconds, but sometimes it takes a a long time… just timed it at 3 minutes 11 sec from clicking the icon on my desktop to the paired devices screen.   Any ideas about how to get the launch to be responsive and consistent?

Would need more info.

A Windows 7 I would guess would be a couple years old and has not been reloaded, so that could slow it down.

The Dell Precision M4800 is designed for CAD, not gaming so that could cause it to be slower.

Are you running spinning rust or SSD hard drive?

How much RAM is in the laptop.

What other programs are running on during startup?

16 GB RAM…  I have the log files and computer specs files from zwift…  can’t remember how to attach them…  maybe submit a ticket??

Thanks Paul… I reposted in tech support and added my log files,etc there.   I have a 1TB hard drive, about half full.   Dumping all unnecessary programs from startup right now…

The disk speed of 1TB laptop hard drives is fairly slow and if you have not reloaded your OS in over 2 years it will slow down even more. If you want faster boot/start-up/launch times switch to a SSD.