Improve startup time

Why does Zwift take so long to start (Windows 10)?

Instead of telling me that I forgot something or to turn on my fan, can we parallelize some of the later steps? Get through the login screen, connect my devices, ask me which route I want to ride and which workout I want to do? All of this while the rendering engine is loading, if that’s the bottleneck?

I can start zwift from desktop and be in the game riding in roughly forty seconds, if that. I dont really see any need for improvement…perhaps its your PC?

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Perhaps I just have higher standards. For me, it’s 24 seconds to the pairing screen, but Device pairing can take another 25 to 30 seconds.

This is with the BLE beta. However, pairing via ZCA didn’t seem that much faster.

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I takes me 5-10 sec to get into game then about 5 sec to pair using companion app. Way faster than I can get my shoes on which is what I do just after startup.
Windows 10 on gaming pc.

Nah, I don’t think it’s a matter of ‘higher standards’. You make a lot of complaint threads here and a lot are valid…this one is a non issue. If the majority of users had some kind of multi minute load time I’d sympathize, but that’s not the case and Zwift seems to be sufficiently optimized in a way that provides most people with a more than adequate start time, regardless of their standards.

Do you have a SSD in your PC?
With HDD everything is very slow today.
And the Internet connection might have sth to do with it.

A major factor in improving startup time is the type of drive that you are running zwift from. I have a six year old Windows 10 laptop that I swapped the traditional hard drive with a solid state drive (SSD). The load up times now are just a few seconds.

Yes, I have an SSD. As for the internet connection, I get 180Mbps down and 6Mbps up.

My suggestion is simply to overlap device pairing with texture loading (or whatever goes on in that first 25 seconds). That could potentially cut startup time in half.

Next time I start Zwift, I’ll watch the clock how fast it starts.
For me it’s okay. I put my shoes on meanwhile.

My PC is
Intel i5-3340
8 GB DDR3-1600
128GB SSD Intel 520
AMD HD7850 with 2GB GDDR5
Win10 x64 v1809
Internet 16Mbps down, 2Mbps up.

@Jim_Mattson: Are we really talking about 25 seconds? But this is good for Zwift, if people start to focus on 25 seconds then they got all the features that people want. LOL

Here is my steps before I ride.

  1. open Spotify
  2. open Discord
  3. open voicemeter bananna
  4. open audio router
  5. open zwift hacks map and set map to second screen
  6. turn on trainer
  7. open Zwift
  8. put on shoes
  9. put on gloves
  10. pair trainer and sensors
  11. check sensors
  12. choose route or workout
  13. Ride.

Wow that is a lot and 25 sec in there wont make a difference. LOL

Well, 50 to 55 seconds in total, of which 25 seconds seems completely gratuitous. So, yes, we’re talking about a potential 25 second speedup.

But I can see that the general consensus is that I’m just an implacable whiner, so I retract this request.

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Yep, I use the start-up time to make sure the following is taken care of:
Tire PSI
Quick bathroom break
Putting on HRM
Putting on Shoes
Starting iTunes music

It is usually waiting for me to wake up my sensors (damn squirrel).

Pretty much. :slight_smile:

Especially considering how many glaring issues with the current UI/start up experience we have, I doubt this is their priority.

Now, being able to access the menu/settings before a ride and save without exiting … that’s another story!

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Those changes indirectly solve my startup time complaints as well, since I would only have to exit to apply Zwift updates (and on Microsoft patch Tuesdays). :grin:

While Zwift is starting i go to the nearest mall to shop some food and drinks. After that i got to the barber shop. Chat with some friends cook some meal und build up my bike. After i will change tires, take on my helmet and gloves. Make some jumping jacks put on my pants search my shoes clean my bike. Take a shower. Jog with my dog and if all is done i go to work. After getting home i will wash the dishes and then i go on my rollers. But first check tiere pressure again. Done! It sounds longer then it is…:sweat_smile:

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My drink just came out of my nose! :laughing:

Then you did something wrong, should come out of your wee wee :joy:

Zwift started yesterday in under 30 seconds here.

On my Windows 10 machine with an SSD, after clicking on “Let’s Go” Zwift takes 1 full minute to display the logging in message and then takes about 6 seconds to log in. That is severely slow.

The same here. And I’m using a Windows Surface Pro4 with a i5-7300U CPU. Admittedly my network might be a bit slow sometimes. But still 1.5 Minutes to load the app to the point where I can choose the kind of ride I want to make is a bit long I would say.
I would dream about 25 secs to load :slight_smile: