Time it takes to load Zwift

I have used the same laptop for 18 months (when it was newly purchased). I always shut it down and start it up cleanly for my Zwift session. However the time for Zwift to load varies immensely from between 90 seconds to over 4 minutes last night.
I have fast broadband and do not have problems in-game or with any other application I run.

It is nothing to do with any updates .

What causes this variability. To sit there and wait for 4 months to eventually see ‘logging in’ is immensely frustrating, especially when you are rushing to start an event.

Open a support email with us by visiting the Zwift Support Hub and selecting “Contact Us” so we can investigate further.

John Hallas, you don’t say how long you wait after booting your computer until starting Zwift but my guess is that if you start Zwift right after you boot the variability is caused by other things that might happen at system startup such as programs checking for updates, applying updates and patches, etc. Are you using an SSD?

Not using an SSD. I agree that sometimes, especially when I am in a rush I start Zwift up almost as soon as I can login to the PC after startup. That may cause the variability.
Thanks for your input

If you are turning your laptop off and on frequently, getting an SSD will really speed things up.

I have the same issues. I have been using it since beta and it’s gotta worse. I have fiber and a gaming machine that only runs this application. I reboot fresh every morning, let it get running, launch Zwift and wait and wait.

Sorry but Zwift is becoming a training frustration. The trainer (NEO) does adjust accordingly now. Especially on the New York course. Unless I have gotta really strong for a 15% gradient. (Yes I have it set to 100%).

Sorry for the Zwift lovers…it’s not a as great as it used to be.


I see the same thing too, on Windows 10. This is without a reboot, it seems to happen most times I start Zwift but not always. It’s only Zwift, other applications start right away. The symptom is that Zwift shows no signs of starting to launch for several minutes after starting the app - i.e. this is a delay before the launching splash screen shows up. Once the splash screen comes up, launch seems to be pretty normal.


Yip have the same issue. SSD, 32Gb Ram, GTX 1070 8G, 40Mb fibre link, Win10 and zwift loading time is like watching paint dry. And like some others commented, it seems to be getting worse. I would sometimes start zwift and then start to get dressed. I’m almost always finished first.


So I reached out to support about the slow load, and shutdown times and send full machine dxdiag and network speed tests. Seem like the platform has met it’s match since they have not responded yet making support slower than the app. Time is definitely here for more competition in this arena. Zwift is getting way to complacent.

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As far as I can tell the slowdown started with the update before last. It now takes Zwift around 30s to 40s to go from “Let’s Go” to “Logging In”. I’ve noticed recently that the Android app no longer connects fully either. I can sometimes see my current workout numbers on the profile page, but it’s no longer possible to control the ride from a phone. It seems they’re in a phase of introducing major bugs into the software.

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Launching time began also here to take enormous amount of time but i’ve upgraded my laptop (6yo) for a SSD and doubled the RAM to 8gb. Still the graphics are Intel onboard and chipset i3, so no fast gig but it did speed up launching time like x5. Getting dressed after startup…i lose! Booting laptop and starting Zwift is faster than getting dressed. It was the opposite before upgrading. Maybe it’s time to clean that laptop/pc and update whatever needs to be updated. :wink:

your laptop will be the issue with the randomly slow loading etc.
also having a SSD makes a nice difference too.
id probably want to fresh install/factory restore the OS on that laptop regardless; then re- install zwift.

Not sure about the OP but my setup is way above minimum spec and zwift is the only app loading this slow. Also even using a 1981 graphics card should not impact on loading or shutdown but only on actually game play. The graphics shown during startup is definitely not 4k video.

@Johnnybike have you made any progress with your issue? While our situations might be slightly different (dedicated desktop vs. laptop) I might learn something from your experience.

I have the same issue. I have a pretty fast desktop. Recent Zwift updates are VERY SLOW!!! It’s not an issue with the computer because everything else run fast. Also updates happen with no warning, so I am forced to wait when I am ready to start riding. Very annoying!

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My laptop is starting everything pretty fast. Only thing mindblowingly slow is Zwift. It’s seriously freakin annoying when you are ready to ride and than it takes (now about 10 mintues already!!) to start this freakin app. Are there alternatives? I’m ready to switch!

10 minutes that is super slow. It take me about 40sec from I click the Zwift icon to the paring screen.

10min for real? or are you exaggerating for effect?

Macbook Pro, Apple TV 4K, or my iPhone… I can be riding in under a minute. If i am not messing around with pairing, course selection, etc., I can be riding in 40-45s.

The updates themselves are annoying. Not only because they happen without consent or warning, but because the app invariable crashes after every update and has to be restarted. But the startup of the app in general is ridiculously slow. The time from clicking Let’s Go until the Logging In notification comes up is now really really long.

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Can post the specs of your PC including the type and speed of the hard drive. Updates for me are fast as are load times.