Why so long to start up?

Hi there,

Not necessarily a bug as such, but I am increasingly frustrated by how long Zwift takes to start up after clicking the desktop icon (Windows 10). From clicking the icon, the small login appear quite quickly but after clicking on Let’s Go, it can literally be 10 minutes before the connection screen appears, and the startup routine basically locks out the entire machine while it is doing it stuff.

This is the third laptop I have used Zwift on, and they have all performed in this same sluggish manner, and, particularly if there is also an update to apply, it means having to open the software a good 20 minutes or so before an event start time.

As I say, three machines, all the same, so I find it hard to believe it is my system that is at fault … what am I missing?


Hi @David_Cooper: what is the spec of the laptops. My PC will launch Zwift faster than I can put my shoes on.

If your laptop has been turned off then it can bee that it is still in the startup process and that will delay any other program, try to start your laptop and wait 30min before starting Zwift and see how long it take.

If you upgrade your hard drive to a solid stat you can shorten the startup time by a significant amount.

Pretty beefy, as these things go: HP, i7-3400, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM less than 12 months old. Tried activating from hibernate an hour or so ahead of time but didn’t make any difference at all. Once it is up and running, absolutely no issues, connects quickly, runs smoothly, occasional brief pauses, no dropouts, no crashes, speaks (and responds) to the Companion app quite happily.

All a bit of a mystery this end.

And not worth the hassle of upgrading the HD to solid state just for Zwift … in all other respects the machine does exactly what I need.

That is strange, startup should be quick. I don’t know what else to test to find the issue. maybe someone else can help,

My 2 cents is that any Windows 10 computer needs an SSD. FYI, over 14 years in the IT field and just switched my Zwift Windows 10 computer from a HD to an SSD and the Zwift startup is much faster.

This sounds like some kind of concern with your Operating System and not Zwift itself. Upgrading to an SSD likely wouldn’t produce much faster app startup times and if this is a problem with Windows 10, you wouldn’t notice any improvement.

When you get a chance, please ensure your graphics drivers are completely updated from the manufacturer’s website. It’d also be a good idea to check for and apply any available Windows updates and reboot your PC. If you’re still noticing delays in game startup afterward, we’d like to hear from you in a support request.

Yeah, it’s always annoyed me too. I don’t suffer from a 10 minute start up, but on my Zwift desktop PC it’s still much longer than I’d expect. If I remember, next time I start it up I’ll time from “Let’s Go” to the pairing screen.

I think mine is on an SSD too.

What’s a i7-3400? That does not exist. Can you post a screenshot of your specs?

Hi David.

Any resolution to this? I have the same issue on my Windows 10 SSD. Everything is up to date.

I have recently installed Zwift for others on iPad and it starts up lightning fast, which gets me even more annoyed.

It absolutely speeds up loading times. If you switch from HDD to a Sata 3 SSD it cuts down loading time at least half. I did this, than switched to an NVMe SSD (2500Mbyte/s max read) and it cut my loading times by 60-70% compared to HDD. Zwift is the slowest platform to load, it never was fast, but it got really sluggish in the past two years.