Start up issues


I use Windows 10, Chrome and Zwift can take up to 10min to start.

Once it is going, all is good, but it’s pretty frustrating, though it does give me time to finish brewing my cafe (and sometimes drink it as well).

Any help speeding this up would be appreciated.

Chrome has nothing to do with Zwift.

With Windows 10 I always suggest the use of SSD drive. I have been using the Samsung 860 SSD drives on my personal and have start installing them at work. The will speed up boot times and program loading times.

thanks. not so sure I want to buy a new computer for this but will keep it in mind as an option.

Support contacted me and had me clear the cache and temp files in Explorer and that worked once so far so will see if that does it.

You don’t need a new computer, you just need to replace the hard drive with an SSD drive. Depending on the size of your current drive it could cost under a $100. You can download software from Samsung that clones your current drive to the new SSD so you will lose no data.

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i will look into that. i have heard good things about switching to SSD.