Time it takes to load Zwift

(Craig Barrett) #21

It seems to be a pretty common problem - I’ve seen a lot of complaints about it recently.

Windows 10

I7 6700

Geforce GTX960 4GB

16GB system RAM

Samsung EVO 860 SATA SSD

Exactly the same system on which the startup used to be fast.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #22

Hardware looks fine, when was the last time you reloaded Windows and did you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7?

I have a lower end AMD processor, RX5804Gb, 16GB Ram, and EVO 860. I only run a few programs on in (more or less Zwift dedicated) Zwift, iTunes, and NiceHash or or miner.

(Craig Barrett) #23

The only thing that changed before Zwift slowed down is Zwift.

(Steven) #24

Add me to the list of those who’ve noticed Zwift loading slowly but only recently. I’ll admit my PC isn’t all that fast (it was top of the line when I bought it, but that was like four years ago!) but only a few months back I swear I used to be able to get into Zwift in 30-40 seconds; maybe a bit longer if I tried to start the program as soon as I got into Windows, but never more than a minute.

So today I timed how long it took with a PC that was running nothing but Windows and had been switched on for quite a while to eliminate that from the equation. From double-clicking on the icon to getting to a point where I could even click on “Let’s Go” was 15 seconds. Then I spent just under two minutes waiting on the blue screen with the “Z” logo (the one with the prompts for me to ‘Switch My Fan On Now’ and to ‘Watch Out For Squirrels’). It was then a further 20 seconds on the screen with the stick figure on the bike logging in, before I finally got to the pairing screen - total time was 2 minutes 27 seconds.

After that, everything ran smoothly and as quickly as normal, so it’s clearly not that Zwift is too much for my PC to cope with, but just that there’s something in the startup procedure that it is having problems with.

(Anton) #25

A quick question for all those with slow loading/update/shutdown - What is your Zwift install path?

I have i7, SSD, 8gb, gtx1070 and 20/40 fibre line. Everything, and I mean everything on this machine flies except for Zwift. The only thing I can think that might make a difference is the fact that all my apps are installed on D since my system drive is only for the OS and is space restricted.

BTW to start up now takes between 2-5 minutes and shutdown on average 5-8 minutes. Since you cannot end and start another ride without exiting the system it is hugely frustrating if something goes wrong or you choose the wrong thing by mistake.

(Adam) #26

Hi Anton,
Install path is Drive C:
using Lenovo T450s with the top configuration for the time (16GB RAM, i7, SSD), takes about same time as you describing. Also, the shutdown time (in my case) is really affected by my Internet speed (using satellite internet connection), but still rarely more then 8 minutes.

The load time as I understand is a general issue and one of the most discussed topics.
Personally, this is not something that really bothering me. The time of those 3-4 minutes of load, I could fill some water in the bottles or just prepare my trainer.

(Anton) #27

Thx @Adam_Qwert_Nayana_WA. I was hoping that it might be the install path but you use the default. I agree that normally the slow update, load and shutdown is not a showstopper but when you are in a hurry for whatever reason its a real kick in the gut. The funny thing is that my updates don’t normally take long, my delays are loading and shutdown. Even just starting up and doing an immediate shutdown does not improve the shutdown. This tells me that it is not network related since there is nothing to upload. But I guess with the lack of zwift support it will remain a mystery forever

(David Moore) #28

Same issue here with a 2018 MacBook Pro running a SSD And well above minimum spec. Constantly above 3min load time, IOS apps etc works faultlessly but makes it difficult to get on to my tv.

(Gerrie) #29

Quick question how log do you wait after you turned on your PC befor you click on the Zwift icon to start the game.

If your PC was turned off it may take longer because Windows load a bunch of things and all your other programs has to start.

I put my PC in hibernation and have a automatic rule to start my PC every morning at 4am that way once i up at 5am everything is ready.

(Steven) #30

Yes, I normally switch my PC on a good 10 minutes before I double-click on the Zwift icon, but even if it’s been on an hour or more, Zwift still takes about the same amount of time in loading up.

In fact, just tried it now (PC on all evening, no updates required, no other programs running) and it was 1 minute 49 seconds from double-click to pairing screen.

(Gerrie) #31

And that is not bad, that is faster than the time it takes to fill your water bottles and put on shoes.

(Steven) #32

Yeah, probably not. But when it used to be less than 40 seconds only a few months ago, you do notice the difference.