Improve startup time

Yes it could be faster because that’s always better, especially for those with slower devices. It’s quite an intensive application though. I agree with the above comment that maybe stuff could be loading while doing the sensor pairing or logging in part.

The slowest part for me is getting to the “Let’s Go” screen though. I’m on a very fast computer but that screen takes about 10 seconds to appear after clicking the icon but is only a white box for another 15 seconds or so before the buttons even appear. Sometimes I wait for 45-60 seconds before the white box just disappears and I get a no-internet-connection message (my internet is fine though).

Solve the saving without exiting issue and this problem goes away. At the moment it is a pain when you have to restart Zwift multiple times a session.

The main delay I really hate is the delay between launching Zwift and it displaying the initial splash screen. This takes from 2-15 minutes(!!). Once the loading splash screen appears everything else is pretty snappy. The launcher does actually start (because it leaves a log file) but the main zwift application does not (no new log file during that interval).

This made me laugh. I have an old laptop. It runs Zwift fine once I’m in but getting in takes 20 to 30 minutes. I open the app, then get changed, then make my drink, and usually still have 15+ minutes wait before I can ride.