Slope increases but resistance decreases

Just started to use Zwift with my tacx flux 2.Yesterday riding the round of Flanders I several times noticed that the slope increased to e.g. 11%, but the resistance just declined as well
as my speed. After let’s say 10 seconds the resistance came up. Could this be due to the rather weak wifi signal I have in my garage?

Hi @Ron_Alpkanon

Check if you paired the trainer using the FE-C option. That is if you use ANT+

wifi should not have any influence except if you use the companion app as a bluetooth bridge.

Thx Gerry,
I use Zwift on my Ipad pro, so with BT.
Could it be that since I simultaneously connected my Garmin Edge 820 (with ANT+, on indoor mode) to the Tacx, this disturbs the signal somehow?
BTW, what do you mean by FE-C (is it just ANT+?)
Best, Ron

Yes the FE-C option is only applicable to ANT+

I paired the Tacx to the ipad with BT.
Do you think that additional connections (e.g. to the companion app and also to the Garmin Edge) may disturb the signal?

I would try to disconnect that but I dont think this is the issue. I would rather have a look at the firmware and check if you have the latest.

Not sure if it is the same problem, but with my CycelOps Magnus, it can’t handle slopes much over 9% with my weight of 190. This gets worse as its gets hot. If I am doing a hard climb and the grade goes over 10% the resistance will taper off after a period of time and decease until the grade comes down