Skip pairing and just ride not working (keeps on searching)

As in the title, this seems to happen since a few updates ago.
This is a “thing” If you want to do things like enter the garage and so on.

Hi @Tim_Swarthoff, welcome to Zwift forums.

It works on the android app, I can skip pairing and enter a world to access the garage, etc. I haven’t tried on Windows 10 however, what platform are you using?

I have experienced this on Windows a few times as well, a reboot was enough to get it back to normal for me (as well as whoever most recently started a thread about the same thing).

This is on windows 10 and a restart did not help.

Yes, on Windows you cannot skip the pairing screen any more. Even “Just Watch” brings up the pairing screen.

I can (at the moment) both skip pairing and use “Just watch” fine on Windows. Just to be sure, you did try rebooting the computer and not just restart the application?