Just Watch and Skip no longer function

Maybe it’s just me, but I opened up Zwift on my laptop away from my bike so I could just watch. When I got to the sensor connection page, I tried to click on “Just Watch” - bumped me into a searching for sensors screen. Then I tried to “Skip” the sensor connection - bumped me into a searching for sensors screen. Turned off Bluetooth, no change. ANT+ not connected. Also could not back out. Had to force quit Zwift to do anything.

This used to work - does “Skip” and “Just Watch” still work, or are they no longer supported?

Hmmm… I just tried it and was able to skip the sensor page and just watch.

Made me wonder if the random people I’m watching know I’m watching them. Somebody cue the Rockwell song…

Yes, you should be able to Skip the pairing, and no, they don’t know you’re watching them.

Hi just make sure you do not have your companion app close by as it sometimes tries to pair with it thinking you wish to ride