Just watch button

I would like to see the “Just watch” option on the login screen (first screen when you launch the Zwift app on pc)

The positioning of it on the equipment pairing screen / Ant+ screen isn’t quite the place user-interface wise to place it because “Just watch” implies that you don’t need any equipment connected.

Thanks for considering.

Thanks for the feedback, Tom.

Our ‘Just watch’ function does not need any equipment connected. That way users who are under-equipped can still spectate and participate in the social aspects of Zwift.



Tnx for the response.

I know no training equipment is needed to be paired to use this functionality. I just wanted to advise to put this “Just watch” button on another screen. UI-wise / programming-wise this isn’t a good place to put this at the moment. The screen you get after login is a better place 

Below a UI mock-up of where it’s probably a better place to put it (grey button)