just visiting a ride? is this possible?

(Lutz Rahe) #1



Just another question (cause I´ve read this in an article)

How can I visit a race as a viewer only?

Please describe (if it´s possible)

cause I only want to to see graphics power of my notebook here




(Jan Novak) #2

There’s “Just watch” button on the screen with pairing devices. Look at right bottom corner. Then you may need to change view - see docs or try 1-9 keys

(Lutz Rahe) #3

I´m only seeing this:


(Jan Novak) #4

You need the app. This one seems like a web page screenshot.

(Scott) #5

Hi Lutz - it looks like you’re trying to start the app from your dashboard on zwift.com.  

Click the Zwift icon on your PC desktop or your Mac launchpad. Then you can click the “Just Watch” option. Don’t worry - your Free Trial will not start until you take your first pedal stroke.