Silly things that annoy you about Zwift (Keep it light and Fun)

I got the +10XP power up twice in a row during a Crit City event yesterday morning. About as useful as a bus on Ventoux. Maybe less.

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Yeah, my avatar sucks as a bike handler, too; always taking the wrong line through corners and maneuvering out of the draft for no reason. There is no way I’m that squirrely IRL!


The incorrect distance boards on the Innsbruck UCI course drive me nuts! You’d think I’d ignore them and accept it by now but you’d be wrong.

Zwift races attract a more sophisticated following than a second rate event like TdF. And their number is limited, it’s an exclusive club to be a Zwift spectator.

You want proof the TdF is for amateurs? Just look at Stage 21, that Roglic guy was wearing his helmet backwards in the TT, or at least it seems that way.

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Since you can travel through other avatars, how about when you creep through someone from behind and can then see the inside of their face?



I don’t like that my avatar can’t get off the bike and walk it up hills. That surely seems more realistic for me. Oh … and sleeping on the side of the road. That would bring more realism.


The sticky draft on a 10% incline just cracks me up. It begs the question - WHY?

Well, the sticky draft, in general, is really from another world. I’m always thinking about how interesting IRL rides would be if those physics applied.

The Ventoux milestones. Why oh why do they have to say a` instead of à?


When the ETA for a hill climb segment (for example) is way more than a minute, but you still see it in seconds—e.g. “ETA 453…” (and that’s clearly not minutes).

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Like that Bruce Willis movie, where the kid sees dead people :laughing:

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The distances of the segments on Alpe du Zwift.
Who is interested in the segments to be precise down to 1 cm?

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I still have PTSD from seeing the inside of a rider’s face on camera 3. I now stick faithfully to camera 1.


In the London subway the overhead light fixtures cast shadows on the ground. This is apparent on the stairs section. Since there is no visible light source above the overhead light fixtures there shouldn’t be any shadows cast from the fixtures themselves. It’s apparent for the modeling the designers added a light source above the light fixtures instead of below them.

It’s been mentioned already, but “rain” in the London subway is also amusing.

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Women’s shorts and underwear lines… lol

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Floating roads!! And I don’t mean the sky roads in NYC, but the many sections of road throughout Zwift where the road appears to be ‘hovering’ about a foot over the surrounding ground (at least on Apple TV). If the road is going around a curve I can sometimes even see UNDER the road to the other side. :man_facepalming:


International English is not American English.

US date format is only used in US and territories.

Translations… Gah!


I did a 20 lap Crit City race the other day and got the +10xp powerup at least 15 times. I literally couldn’t believe it.


After an update, it turns the opening page music back to on, meaning I sound like a 15 yr old with his first set of DJ decks (beats out of sync with Spotify).
Gudunk gudunk gudunk :rofl::rofl:

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Zwift devs who think California is the centre of the world and PDT is a time standard.


Even US government recognises UTC as a time standard.

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Floating roads!!

And if the road isn’t floating, you often get floating objects (e.g. cars, micro busses, etc) parked off the side of the road. I think there are plenty of these on the way up Ven-Top.