Signing up for etape training club

(Stacey) #1

i have tried multiple times at the link provided but keep getting an error message that my email is already registered. several people on the zwift facebook group report the same issue. could someone let us know how to enrol?

(Mark) #2

I’ve had the same issue.
Zwift want you to sign up for training over the next few months as summer is approaching and numbers will dropout.
Don’t think I’ll bother now.

(Erik) #3

Same issue. Zwift support, please provide a feedback if you received our application for the training club.

(Alejandro) #4

I have the same issue. After login, we land it the zwift profile and there is nothing to enroll in the training club. Zwift - How do we enroll? Thanks

(Erik) #5

I received a confirmation now. I’m enrolled.

(David Lee) #6

Same problem here, wasted a good 10 minutes, I’ll never get back.

After logging out as instructed. Inputting your email address and putting in a password seems to be setting up a Zwift account rather than signing up for etape club, which is why it’s saying email already registered?

Please can someone from Zwift confirm a step by step process to register for the etape club which works?



(David Lee) #7

Oh, I’ve just received a confirmation email as well.

(Stacey) #8

nope, no confirmation for me… very frustrating as i tried repeatedly, and now just get sent to my profile when i press the link

(James) #9

You can only enroll if not currently logged in - this appears to be a coding issue.

  1. Logout at
  2. Visit the email link
  3. Click “back to login” on left hand side
  4. You’ll be given a login box to enter user/pass.
  5. A few seconds after logging in you will receive a confirmation email.

(Jim) #10

Okay. I’m enrolled. No, how do I unenroll? (Due to the limited scheduling choices, I won’t be able to make either of the phase 1 race events, so I don’t want to take up one of the limited slots.)

(Mat) #11

im pretty sure it says that the training will just be available in the workout schedule, so you can opt to do it or not.

(Steve) #12

I have faithfully followed that procedure many times now. I just end up logged in as normal. No indication of sign-up on the page, no email. What do I do now?

(Steve) #13

I finally got in by taking the desperate measure of running Chrome. I use Firefox to protect my privacy. Apparently Zwift’s shonky sign-up mechanism relies upon Chrome’s ability to track your every move through the Internet sigh