Showing gear on display?

I have a Zwift Hub, as far as I’m aware, it’s fully updated, as is my zwift software too.
During a ride today my display in the upper left showed a strange setting underneath - I’m aware that some smart bikes will show the gear that they are using in this area, but it’s never shown anything for the Hub.

It showed “24577 GEAR 27929825” and this number stayed constant throughout the ride, not changing if I changed gears, and it was the same if I clicked to go look at another rider. I even started another ride after I’d saved the one I was in to see if it was still there and it was the same.
Very odd.

Probably related to virtual shifting that is possibly coming?

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What do you mean by that Tim?

There was an article on zwift insider this week about virtual shifting. (i dont know how to post the url, but you can find it on the main page of zwift insider)

So maybe its because you have a zwift play that would have the capabilities? Or the Zwift HUB?

I’m just guessing by the way, but based on the patent and the info in the article it could be an option.

So today when I opened up the companion app there was now an update to install. I know for sure there had not been one yesterday before or after I’d done that ride. I updated things this afternoon, but haven’t had a chance to do a ride yet to see if anything has changed.
I had also wondered if this had something to do with gearing that I’d heard something about… who knows?

Im also curious! :slight_smile:

Hi @Lauri_P welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for flagging that bug to us, we’re working on fixing that. Other than the visual annoyance, are there any other weird side effects you’ve noticed?

I haven’t noticed any further issues at all, and it never showed up again after that day. So just a super strange glitch of some sort!

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Hello, I have recently swapped to Wattbike atom next gen and there is no virtual gear display on the HUD, Wattbike can’t help and suggest it’s Zwift. I see that the forums closed down a thread suggesting it to be fixed but it’s clearly not? Spoken to another user who can see the virtual gearing (same set up) so is there a problem or user error? Many thanks

Are you using ANT+? If so, try Bluetooth pairing.

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Hi Paul, thanks for the tip but I am using Bluetooth as I don’t have ANT connection

What client are you running Zwift on? Wattbike gear display works on PC but not Android, IIRC

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Hi Paul, I think I have solved it, turns out my wattbike was only paired to my IOS app as a power source and although that allowed me to ride in Zwift it also needed me to pair it as a “controllable” too. Both power and controllable are now showing blue and connected on the pairing page of the app and virtual gearing is now showing up on the HUD (obviously user error on my part!) thanks again.

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Thanks David I think I’ve sorted it now, see my reply to Paul

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