Show model of smart trainer / power meter

Using ZML when you click on a person you can see what their power source is i.e. power meter, smart trainer or Zpower. What would be really useful is to show what model the power source is e.g. Cycleops Hammer smart trainer or 4iiii precision power meter. This would greatly help identify power sources that are exaggerating the power numbers and allow race organizers to be on the look out for potential problems if a pattern begins to show up. If the power source is Zpower then the trainer model should be shown e.g. Cycleops Fluid 2.

I think there would be variables between identical models to be honest.  For example I and my colleagues used a Tacx Vortex and have noticed dependent on the calibration (i.e. how much pressure the roller is set to) then the results can vary.  I can get it to vary by about 50W just but changing the pressure of the tyre on the trainer.  

If you do an internet search you will also find conflicting information in the some people say a particular brand overestimates wattage whilst some say in underestimates.  It would however be useful to see what other trainers people are using if only for making my next purchase decision.

I would like to see the power source show up as a “zwift-(device)” vs “zwift” in the strava device section too to know who is on zpower, smart power, or a power meter.