Trainer type Spec. / Powermeter type

Dear Zwift team,

I consider it would be important to show per profil the Trainer used per user and, if so, the powermeter.

You were doing a great job investigating strange and high power values but, with such amount of new users we understand it became difficult to continue with that control.

So, my proposal, to have a field in each profil which detects the Trainer you are using to be shown public to all other users.

Thank you for your considerations,


Pues si por que con tanta gente nueva, muchos van con estimaciones y al no ser reales molestan.

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Just curious, what would knowing the trainer brand, model do for us?


Saber que estoy en igualdad de condiciones

What benefit would seeing someone else’s trainer provide? Abnormal power output would be a sufficiently good indicator that something is off.