Showing trainer being used when riding

There seems yo be discrepancies in watts on different trainers, specifically inflated wattage for wheel on trainers. Can zwift make it required to add what trainer you are riding with, and have this information shown in the display when riding to support accuracy within the game?

Yes, it would be interesting to know.

I have Kickr bike V1 and happy for people to know that.

It would be nice to know who has an Elite Trainer and what power smoothing they are using as well.

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And 10Hz mode?

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Where would you propose this information to be shown? The in-game display is cluttered already, so I would think it would need to go elsewhere. But how much digging around (and how frequently) would people want to do?

Just have their avatar drag around the proper trainer like in the pens :laughing:

Not sure what to do about smartbikes in that case. Just give them a smartbike in their garage, and force them onto it? LOL

You could have it where it just says smart trainer in the companion app if it is needed or people wanted it