API feature: trainer type

Direct drive vs non-direct drive trainers. It’d be a great flag to have added to your API, so on ZwiftPower we could get more transparency on riders setup. You know what type of trainer a rider is using when they pair up, so shouldn’t be much work to expose a new flag. Thanks.

Zwift would want the smart trainer manufactures to pay to have their name / product show up in Zwift. In essense this is the same as advertising/marketing. And wth Zwift producing their own smart traininer / bike they would want to push their products

Some direct-drive smart trainers are more inaccurate than properly-calibrated zPower, so not sure what that would achieve

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When looking at live information on riders I follow in the Companion App I notice some profiles show not only what type of trainer they use but what virtual bike they are currently riding. Why is this information available for some but not every rider. I see no way to enable it in my profile.

It’s certain bikes that don’t show up in ZC. I suspect that newer bikes, added after a certain date, don’t display.

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