Show distance of each route in the startup route list

(Juan Ascoli) #1

Loving all things Zwift!  It’d be nice to show the distance (miles or km, based on user profile) in the initial route selection dropdown list that appears before riding.

When clicking the list to select a route, you’d then see the distance of each available routes.  It could be something as simple as showing the distance to the right of the route name. Then it’d be easy for a rider to determine how many loops of a given route they need to try to achieve a certain distance goal.

For example on Watopia, the route list might show…

Figure 8 (22.3 miles)

Flat (5.3 miles)

Hilly (6.1 miles)

Mountain 8 (28.3 miles)



(Paul Allen) #2

Pleas vote up all the existing requests so Zwift knows what the users want:


(Juan Ascoli) #3

Thanks for the reminder Paul, though I did just that before posting this request. There were no other distance/route requests similar to this one.

However, one of your KB links (from Eric S) reminded me that it would be nice to also include the elevation as well as the distance in the route dropdown list. C’mon Zwift coders, please adjust the Text property in your DropdownList object to include this useful info. :slight_smile:  You guys rock!

(Mark Douglass) #4

Great idea. My wife is always asking which route to pick as she doesnt want to much climbing . The idea of her having to rely or third party info for this is astonishing.