Should I be able to do RideOn/HammerTime etc in ERG mode on the Android app?

Question is in the subject line, I cannot do this on the Android app and I don’t know if it is supposed to be this way or not ?


If I understand you correctly you’re confusing two different things.

The Android Zwift game app is the one you “play Zwift” on. i.e. ride your bike using erg mode.

The Android Zwift Companion app is the one you use to tap the “Hammer time” or “I’m toast!” icon:

So no, you can’t say “Hammer time” from within the game app. (At least, as far as I know…)

Update: I’m wrong, you can do it in the game app. Tap the screen to make the bar appear.

Thanks for actually taking the time to reply to me, going to double check this morning, I am sure when I use the Android App in free ride I can do ride on etc but now you have me wondering! Again thanks for actually replying back to me I have received nothing from Zwift support or on twitter to this simple question.

Sorry, yes you are right.

You tap the screen to get the bar to appear.

Whether it works in ERG mode, I don’t know. Sorry for the confusion.

Ride On’s are disable during workouts:’s-(cycling)-ryg6xA1WSQ
Not sure about Hammer time.

Woohoo, thanks, lol and yes I just jumped on the bike to make sure that I could actually do them on the Game not in ERG mode. Thanks for the responses and the linky.

I kind of get that I just feel bad because I mainly use it in ERG mode so I never get to the Ride On people back, but planning on doing some more free riding soon, especially when we get some bad weather and out doors is not an option.