ERG mode Hammer

(Travis Brooks) #1

Android Galaxy S6 Active
Hammer Cycleops
Checked firmware on Hammer is up-to-date

Have a Hammer Trainer and ERG does not work in game or in workout mode.

(Travis Brooks) #2

Some additional information 

S6 Software Verson 7

Double checked all Software and Firmware for updates. 

Things I have attempted using Workout Mode and SIM mode. Only to get Blu-tooth to connect but not control trainer. 

  1. Allow Zwift to boot fully then turn on Hammer trainer

  2. Calibrate Trainer with the Rouvy app connect it does get control of the trainer with a solid blue light on the trainer. Then open Zwift and the trainer resumes back to being connected and not controlled (Blue blinking light). 

3)Having connected to Zwift and gone into the workout mode and toggled ERG mode OFF then ON then proceeded with workout mode and allow it to progress through a couple of steps. 


Zwift runs great on my phone and love that you have finally brought it to Android. Hope this helps.