Setup Lessons Learned During My First Two Weeks

(Russell Zeckner) #1

I purchased a Wahoo Kickr setup primarily for use with Zwift about 2 weeks ago.  I experienced a number of issues that I believe are now resolved since during the last two days the setup has performed without flaw.  During this time I have learned these lessons that might be of interest to other new riders:

  1.  You must perform initial and subsequent spin downs on your Kickr before using Zwift.

  2. Bluetooth devices should only pair be paired with one application at a time .

  3. Devices broadcasting in both Bluetooth and ANT can pair with a bluetooth application and a different ANT application successfully.

4. Stray electronic signals can impact the performance of your set up and if possible one should attempt to minimize them when possible.  I realized that I had left a magnet for a previous cadence/speed sensor attached to my left crank and I believe it was interfering with the signal from my new cadence sensor.

  1. One should research and understand the ERG mode before attempting a Zwift workout.

  2. Most importantly, the combination of a smart trainer and Zwift is enormously more fun than simply spinning on a dumb trainer while watching TV.  Thank you.

  3. Using a USB extension to place an ANT receiver near the Kickr, cadence, and heart rate devices improves pairing dramatically.