Set in concrete?

Why would you do that?

New game resistance level, peddling through wet concrete. :grinning:
And you thought the gravel roads were tougher

This can happen when someone is riding on an out of date game version. On his screen he thinks he’s doing just fine, but minor adjustments mean everyone else sees this. I’ve watched people ride through buildings before to. XD

I wonder how would it be possible to have an out-of-date version when Zwift automatically checks (and updates…) version as you launch.

(and yes, I’ve been underground on a fully updated version…)

When you’re stopped Zwift will move your avatar out of the traffic lane.

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I think the auto-updates only happen on PCs. I’m not sure about Macs, but iOS devices can be set to not auto-update, then it is up to the user to decide when to do it. I’ve also noted that releases for different platforms to not always arrive at the same time. After the Oct 1 update (and all of the complaints about the rolling resistance) Zwift had a follow-on update last week sometime, yet my iPad just updated this morning, and I haven’t seen anything on Apple TV yet.

It could also be that. the sidewalk is so thick I didn’t notice he wasn’t pedaling. Road courtesy is more important then the laws of physics, as I always say.

Pathing issues do arise once in a while. But auto-update can be turned off on iOS, tvOS, and Android devices. Those platforms also have to be reviewed and signed off on by their respective app stores, so they tend to come out a few hours to a couple days after PC/Mac updates.