Automatic updates

Why when I open Zwift app does it automatically download an update I can’t stop
Have missed 2 planned rides because of slow connection
Why can’t I have the option to update after the ride

Hi @Andrew_Skirrow

Welcome to the forum.

Because it is a virtual multiplayer game and if Zwift make changes all riders need to be on the same version.

It’s always best to update, but if you’re on a phone or tablet, you can usually postpone it. You might get weird results in the game if you do though. Having the app already installed on your phone can provide an extra option at ride time.

If you’re on a mac or PC, you can’t avoid the update, but installation speed is much better if you have solid state storage (SSD) and not a mechanical hard drive.

On Apple TV, updates should happen in the background if the device is turned on, so that’s a plus for starting rides on time if your network is really slow.