Cancel and/or Skip App Update on Mac

Using Zwift 1.0.23 on Macbook Pro Retina 2015, Mac OS 10.15…

At home, I have very good internet. But at work (in a remote camp) the internet is very poor.
If I launch Zwift and an update is available, it begins downloading it without asking me if I want to, which renders my Zwift app useless for hours! and thus I can’t do my workout.

It’s very frustrating.

How can I disable or skip app update on Mac?

Next time you start zwift, then when you have finished your ride, then close Zwift, and start it again. Then Zwift will always be open, and if you just restart Zwift after each ride, then it will only update after your ride is over.
I dont know if it will work, but it must be worth a try.
Or maybe an external harddrive to boot your workcomputer, so you can update Zwift at home :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure what you mean.
An external hard rive wouldn’t help, as the app started downloading updates as soon as it’s launched.
Having zwift run on my computer all the time doesn’t make sense, as it’s a resource hungry application which will slow down my other work related tasks.

The idea was to have an external drive you could update when you are at home.
That doesn’t work of course, if the update is released in the time it takes to travel from your home to your workplace.
Or you could run Zwift on an iPad or smartphone, and stop them from autoupdating.

it won’t work since I’m at work (camp) for 2 weeks, then got home for a week.
I have iPad pro 10.5, it’s just not immersive enough and graphics quality aren’t as good either.