Updates Should Be Optional

When I start Zwift, it frequently does an update before I ride. Sometimes I don’t have time for that -
If I’m crunched for time or am joining another rider, I’d like to delay the update until another session. We should have the option to skip the update and just ride with our current version.

Online games don’t work like that, you will get a client/server mismatch and will not be able to ride.

Updates install in a matter of seconds for me. If you’re on wifi then you’ll get faster updating and better overall Zwift experience if you use mains power system / power plug ethernet system. This is what I use in my house where I zwift in the garage. Easy to setup and fairly cheap.

More info:

Updates are usually once every 2 weeks at most. If you haven’t ridden for say over a week then it’s reasonable to expect there to be a pending update - this is the way online games work.


That said iOS and tvOS allow you to ride without updating although this often means you won’t see other riders on course. There was mention of allowing this with the PC/Mac version too but I can understand why they don’t.