Sent off course during Stage 5 of Tour of New York

During a stage 5 of the Tour of New York yesterday, the group of riders I was bunched with turned right at an intersection and I went straight ahead, watching my placement go from top 100 to 400’s. I eventually stopped because I was beyond the published distance and elevation gain and was obviously no longer in the ride. Very annoying.

Gary same here. Ticket submitted ?
Did you take any pictures and experience your rider dropping back slightly?
I had this and was later re-routed.

I have the same problem like I explained in the other topic.

What I can remember that I was pushed to the left part of the road just before I missed the turn.

Btw. Before joining the Event I had selected The 6 Train to complete my training after I finish the stage. It seems after I was send off course, I was riding The 6 Train. Maybe the selection of the course interfered with the race itself.

Alex… I wouldn’t have thought so, I hadn’t selected any route or training prior to the ride and also saw others… the odd one or two show up on the map (top Rhs) and rode with another. But no others groups, events or riders seen except the re-routed ones.:thinking:

But just to be sure I will do this next time. Since I am quite sure I ended on the The 6 Train after I was sent off course.

I had this happen to me on Stage 3. It was super frustrating because there’s nothing you can do except quit. I opened a support ticket with Zwift and sent them all the log files from the ride. I haven’t heard anything back yet though.

I did Stage 3 and 5 on saturday and I preselected the right course on forehand. I had no issues and finished both stages.

During Stage 3 I saw an other rider sent the other way. I immediately checked it and to my relief it was not me who was sent off course.

Btw. Although I did Stage 3 first, I was only 40 seconds slower than Stage 5 on thursday until the moment I was sent off course :grinning: