Sensors connecting between running and cycling

Was it my imagination or was there an update to how Zwift handles switching between the two sports and the sensors? Whenever I do, I struggle to switch the power sensors (between the Kickr and the Stryd runpod). It doesn’t remember them individually for the sport. ie If I search and use the Kickr for cycling, and then switch to running it still recognizes the Kickr and i have to re-search for the stryd despite using it previously for running and it struggles to connect. Not only that but Zwift play for cycling connection seems painful now since the last update

It’s your imagination. Switching between disciplines acts exactly as you’ve experienced and always has. Zwift basically tries to pair with the last pairing you had. It doesn’t have different pairing profiles for each discipline.

Not sure why it struggles to connect to your Stryd. I flick between the two disciplines and when i unpair and then search it finds the correct one straight away luckily.

Zwift Play is still a work in progress and connectivity is still problematic.

I would agree with you, but if my last pairing was my Stryd, on next startup it defaults to my Kicker, even on the run settings

Hmm, that is odd. Are you waking the Stryd up before firing up Zwift?

Id like to say yes, but i will check this evening when I do a session. Ta