Sensor dropout related to auto-screenshot?

NOTE: system/pain-cave config posted at bottom. Suffice to say: “they’re up to date.”

Odd bug recently:

On crossing an event finish line, trainer sensor data goes offline. A few seconds later, it reconnects.

I’m suspicious it’s related to the “screenshot bug” affecting some other systems. I didn’t take a manual screenshot but there’s an auto-screenshot when crossing the event finish line and it clearly shows the missing sensor data.

Here’s the activity: Group Ride: Wandering Flats | Stage 3 | Tour of Makuri Islands

Here’s the log uploaded to Zwiftalizer: Log File Analysis

  • ASUS Vivobook Pro 15 OLED laptop (K3500, 11th Gen Intel)
  • Windows 11 Pro, 22H2, OS Build 22621.819
  • Core i5-11300H @ 3.10GHz w/16GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU, Boost up to 1057.5MHz at 35W (50W with Dynamic Boost) w/4GB GDDR6 VRAM
  • Garmin ANT+ USB dongle
  • 4k resolution and Ultra profile into a 4k TV over HDMI.
  • Tacx NEO2T via ANT+ as controllable trainer as well as speed/cadence
  • Polar H10 HRM via ANT+.
  • Wahoo Kickr Headwind “listening” for the Polar H10 over ANT+ to ramp fan speed.
  • Zwift Companion app on Google Pixel 5 phone, Jabra earbuds via BLE to phone listening to Spotify.
  • All apps, drivers, OS are up-to-date.

Apropos of nothing, your GPU isn’t strong enough for 4K. You’d have been at 60fps throughout that ride on 1440p.

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Yeah, I hear you. I’ve gotten used to 30fps on the ATV4K so I don’t mind the hit in frame-rate for the higher res when using this system.

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Give 1440p a go, it doesn’t actually change anything you see other than being slightly less sharp. Appreciate not everyone cares about 60fps though.

Sorry for the off-topic posts anyway. It does seem weird that a dropout would occur right at that point, assuming it’s normally solid for you.

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Np! I will give 1440 a go next ride. My concern was sharpness of the HUD but if it’s not impacted too much by dropping the res, I’m good with that.

EDIT - just tried it, albeit stationary not riding. Yeah, that does look good! Significant fps bump too. Zwiftalizer 2.0

(I have the Nvidia driver capped at 60fps, hence that’s where it maxed)

It’ll be the same, it’s not affected by the game resolution setting. :+1:

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Cap it at 61fps, Vsync will hold it at 60fps anyway. And enable triple buffering, but keep everything else default.

I was partly wrong btw, the rider name tags are affected by the resolution setting. Rest of the HUD isn’t though:

576p on 1440p monitor

Again apologies for the off-topic posts. I’ll stop now. :rofl:

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Naw, s’all good!

This brings up an important point: there’s still a lot of confusion over the finer points of Zwift.

I don’t recall ever seeing a definitive statement by Zwift that the HUD renders as a vector graphic at higher resolution than the game graphics… yet it’s very clear it does on the ATV4k, and now (per the test ride I just did) on PC at 1440P. (you made a comment on that in another thread!)

That’s because there’s a huge reliance on community resources, which by definition are fragmented. :confused:

example (my stuff)

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Links in the “Monthly Resource Megathreads” are 99% community-sourced versus 1% Zwift Official. Zwift built a really great “sandbox to play in” and kind of left it up to the community to figure it out.

On that note: would you be open to posting ZPCMR resources somewhere I can link directly from the Megathread? A lot of people (raises hand) aren’t on Facebook so they don’t have access. (or maybe they already are and I’m missing something?)