What’s the best way to use/watch zwift

Hi Folks, I have apple Mac laptop and iPhone is it better to use Zwift on Apple TV (4K or normal) or on your phone with and adapter or via the laptop via a hdmi, thoughts please, I’m currently using it through my laptop hdmi’d on to a tv

It depends on what you want/care about and how you’re defining ‘best’.

Smallest? Apple TV 4K 2022.
Cheapest? What you already have.
Easiest to type on? Laptop.
…and a ton of other factors.

There’s no single right answer.

In terms of graphics detail, what you have and the Apple TV are pretty much all the same (Basic profile). Frame rate may be better on the laptop, but it depends which exact model it is.

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It depends on which Mac you have. They could be all about the same or the Mac could be better if it has the right hardware. The non-4k Apple TV will be lower res than the 4k, but the 4k won’t do Zwift in 4k.

My M1 Mac gets around 60fps in 1440p but doesn’t get a fancy graphics profile. The others you mentioned will be worse than that.

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Not to be nitpicky but… the ATV4k seems to render the home-screen and HUD in 4k. I find it easier to read the HUD text in 4k than 1080P or 1440P.

Source: I brought the ATV4k to BestBuy and hooked it up to three 32” Samsung OLED TVs that only differed in resolution - 1080, 1440, 4k. Side-by-side, there was a noticeable difference when pixel-peeping.

I agree with pretty much everything else written in thread.


The UI is rendered in native display resolution on all platforms, it scales up like a vector. :+1: