Selecting Diego Duke Pace Partner on Apple TV

When trying to select Diego Duke using the touch pad on the remote for the Apple TV4K, it is VERY frustrating.
The mechanism should be similar as for selecting a route, but it looks like you have to aim at a moving target.
It looks as if the sequence of the pace partners changes every now and then, while sometimes the selected pace partner is not even visible in the selection window…

Yes. Something is very borked for the specific PP selection on ATV.

I normally am ok with the ATV remote, but here it’s really got a mind of its own. Very frustrating.

I think (and may be wrong here) that the list is static on the New Home Screen.

I get really frustrated too trying to select a PP: often, the scroll doesn’t keep up w/ the selection/focus within the list, so you’re selecting a PP blindly if the one you want is on the bottom of the screen.

Equally frustrating is where the focus is after you’ve selected a PP. When you land on the next screen after selection, the focus is in the top right-hand Events component, when it should be on the PP ~or~ the Ride w/ XX! button. The UI on this screen for Worlds, Workouts, PP, etc could use a bit of UX/UI work, but I heard improvements are on the horizon/in the BL, so I’ll be patiently waiting :smile:

The new home screen seems like it might be better in some respects for the Apple TV remotes if the physical click buttons of the 2021 version work properly. I can’t see how the touchpad version will be.

It will almost certainly be a lot slower to navigate than it is now.

I use Apple TV 4K, with the Siri touch remote. The additional challenges began when the new Pace Partners were introduced because they introduced scrolling to the list. This issue was present elsewhere in the application (drop shop, workout selection, etc.). So this isn’t really Pace Partner specific, but it’s wildly exacerbated given the regular cadence in which I’m being asked to scroll & select just to get on the bike.

I’d love to see this issue escalated because it impacts UX for several areas of focus throughout the Apple TV app.

The issue, with more specificity:

  • Touch is required to scroll the list
  • Scrolling is not the same as selection, yet selection also deeply depends on the touch movements (not clicks)
  • Clicks move you away from the list entirely

Here’s a common solution for this problem:
Selection of items should be performed by soft touch swipes, and the list should scroll to ensure the selected item is visible to the user.

Fallback, for when touch is disabled on the remote, or you’re on an older remote without the feature:
Press to select input into the box. Hard up/down clicks to select PP – selection-tracking scrolling continues to work here.

I’m also using the 1st gen remote.

Moving up and down thru the selection is done via “soft touch swipes” as you described. As you noticed, there is not synced auto scroll. If you wish to scroll up/down, keep your thumb on the touchpad. For example, put your thumb at the top and slide to bottom w/out releasing. Once you figure this out, it’s :exploding_head: (at least it was for me :smile:)

A couple of other tips for the remote:

  • turn down the sensitivity in the AppleTV remote settings.
  • get a silicone case for the remote which makes it so much easier to hold and operate.
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The new home screen/UI has made the Apple TV4K remote much more usable.

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