Selected route disappears mid-ride

I’m running Zwift on a Windows PC connecting to my Tacx Neo 2T Smart via the companion app (couldn’t get it to connect over Bluetooth, hope to pickup an ANT dongle soon).

New to Zwift so I may be doing something wrong, but I select a route and at some point during the ride Zwift’s main screen stops displaying information about my selected route. Today in Innsbruck I completed the Innsbruckring and received credit for that, but previously in London I just got totally lost trying to follow a longer route.

Some lines from my log file that seem relevant (The Unhandled characteristic error seem to occur 11 times per second, not sure if it’s related to this issue or if it should be filed in a separate bug report):

[8:04:31] Unhandled characteristic Tacx Neo 2T 07693 for "2A64"
[8:04:31] TimingArch: hit finish line for UCI LAP
[8:04:31] TimingArch: crossed arch start line UCI LAP
[8:04:31] LIVESEG: Sending Active Segments.
[8:04:31] Unhandled characteristic Tacx Neo 2T 07693 for "2A64"
[8:04:34] Got Notable Moment: POWERUP
[8:04:34] Starting critical power curve search job (51612689)  mTimeStamp = 60.72123  m_lastSearchTime = 60.72123   calculating=false
[8:04:35] ANT  : BLE: Tacx set road texture 0 (time=51613461)
[8:04:38] FPS  45, -4139, 15083, 39711
[8:04:40] ANT  : BLE: Tacx set road texture 0 (time=51618483)
[8:04:57] Registered segment 25 with hash id 1765160
[8:13:10] TimingArch: (UCI LAP) passed checkpoint 4 but out of order. Reset timing arch checkpoints
[8:18:02] TimingArch: UCI LAP wants to show timerF
[8:20:27] TimingArch: hit finish line for UCI LAP
[8:20:27] TimingArch: passed finish line but not all checkpoints hit
[8:20:27] LIVESEG: Sending Active Segments.
[8:20:27] TIMING ARCH: Player passed finish line but it appears that not all checkpoints have been passed.
[8:20:27] LIVESEG: Sending Active Segments.
[8:20:27] TimingArch: crossed arch start line UCI LAP
[8:20:27] Route Completed

Checking the logs for my London issue I can’t see anything useful, but it’s a much bigger log. It was my first long ride and at one of the junctions I clicked the popup to see what direction-selection at junctions would look like - but I didn’t actually change the route. I wonder did this cancel my initially-selected route?

Thanks for the wonderful product, I’m greatly enjoying my Zwift trial and plan to sign up for a paid membership when my trials expire.

What London route did you choose? Some routes have a substantial lead-in before you cross under the starting arch, when the route distance officially begins. So you have to do the lead-in distance, and cross under both start and finish arches before you see the Route Completed banner.

And it doesn’t sound like you made any manual turns off the prescribed route, but if you did - that would cause you to not get the route badge.

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In each world there are only certain (and very few) routes that actually show a timer all the way through (like Hilly Route in Watopia). So, unless you have selected one of these as your route it is possible that you will see a route timer appear and disappear at different points of your ride, depending on whether you are on a part of that route, or not.


Many thanks for your useful answers @shooj and @Nigel_Tufnel - It’s possible on the London course (one of the Greater London loops I think, can’t remember) I gave up on it and selected a turn, or it’s possible I accidentally selected something whilst trying to learn about the UI. It’s reassuring that even though the route timer disappeared on my Innsbruck ride this morning the route did complete for me.

It’s very possible the lead-in caught me out on my London ride Shuji - it seems some of those routes have a pretty long lead that I wouldn’t have factored in.

It’s also certain, Nigel, that I’ve been put off by the route timer disappearing. I’ll try one of the approx-20km routes in New York tomorrow morning and pay specific attention to what happens.

Thanks again for the help, this is all very new to me.

Just rode the Knickerbocker Reverse route in New York and the first indication Zwift gave me that I was following that route was when I completed it.

Now I know this is the expected behaviour I’ll be more relaxed and trusting next time.

My Knickerbocker Reverse ride today was Zwift activity 716464611985336320 (but I can’t post links).

Thanks for the helpful replies @shooj and @Nigel_Tufnel - sorry I can’t mark both your answers (which complement each other) as the solution.