Segment times are using all segment times for comparison

(Scott Emery TekneCC) #1

So I did a ride today, where there was an update before I started and noticed that segments are using all the other segment times as a comparison. So, for instance, my bridge sprint time was 13.93 seconds, and when I started the 2.4km climb segment, it showed my as the KOM with the very same blistering pace of 13.93 seconds!! 

Now, I appreciate the gesture of giving me the KOM, but I really did not earn it - LOL.

I too a picture which is attached to my Strava ride so you can see it there:



(Rachel Blair) #2

I had the same issue today (see the photo where it says people completed the KOM in 16 seconds!)

(Scott Emery TekneCC) #3

I’ll attache my screenshot too. 

(Jerry Bob) #4

Exact same issues as above. sprint times showing up on leaderboard as KOM and Overall times but lap/sprint/KOM saving as normal

(Laurens Alblas) #5

I got the forward sprint jersey on a reverse sprint time. And unexpected mountain jerseys too. See

(Jerry Bob) #6

its all gone mad. i got 2 KOM jerseys today and times were 4:30 reverse and a gently 3:48 on forward so something not working. i’d submit a ticket but seems many have this problem…

(Charlie Woodhead) #7

Same issues here, both yesterday and today.