Segment timers during events - inconsistent behavior

If I recall correctly, it seems like segment timers generally don’t display during events, but I’ve noticed that they have been showing up during this year’s Tour of Watopia. Why don’t they show up in all events?

Here’s a screenshot taken while climbing the Epic KOM during Tour of Watopia Stage 5 - as you can see, the segment timer is displaying at the top:

And here’s a screenshot taken while climbing the Epic KOM during the Medio Fondo just a few days ago - no segment timer:

Pretty low on the list of issues, I’d say, but I’m curious as to why this is the case.

I’m not sure, but as a guess it might be linked to the fact that ToW rides have been set up as route based workouts to accommodate bike changes and costumes. If that is the reason it may have offered up the added benefit of segment timers?

@Ian_Attoe I wondered if this could be the case, although it seems backwards that the segment timer would show up for an event set up as a workout. Wouldn’t a user be less interested in that info if they were doing a true workout?

I don’t know I was just taking a punt.

From what little I have read about route based workouts my feeling is that sprints and KOMs might be the work element of the workout. If that is the case I think I would wish to see a segment timer.

I’m sure someone from Zwift will give you a definitive answer to your question.