“Searching ...”, but never connects?

I’m posting on behalf of my FIL, who just got a Kickr Snap for Christmas, and is going to try Zwift on his iPhone (at least to start).

He’s been able to connect the Kickr to the Wahoo app.
He’s been able to connect the Kickr to the Zwift app. When he logs in, he can see that it’s connected as both a power meter and a controllable device. He then gets the Let’s Go button. But when he presses that, it just goes to Searching … and never advances.

I though it could be their wIfi, since that can be spotty at times. But he’s had no issues with iFit on his rowing machine, which is in the same room. He was also able to Watch Only just fine, before he got the Kickr to connect. So I’m not sure that’s it. He’s pretty tech savvy, so I don’t immediately go to User Error. And based on what he’s telling me he’s seeing, it sounds like he got it all connected correctly. But it’s still just Searching …

Any thoughts on what I can suggest he look at next?

EDIT - He then selected the wrench to calibrate, and once he did that, seems to be all set. He’s moving through Ocean Blvd as I type.

When he is on the pairing screen, have him pedal for a bit to see if the wattage changes show up in the ‘Power’ box. If they don’t he might not actually be paired.

Also, since you said he is using his iPhone (which would be using a Bluetooth connection), make sure that he is NOT connected to the Wahoo app and also make sure that he connects to the Snap directly through the Zwift app and NOT through the regular iPhone Bluetooth pairing screen.

Thanks Nigel. Most of that I had done with him. Turns out he needed to use the calibrate icon the first time. Once he did that, he got going just fine. I’ve edited the post with that. It can either be deleted, or left up as a help for others who run into the same thing?

Thanks again for the quick reply!